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Best Buy Vendor Systems and Contacts - Canada

This document provides Canada vendor systems and contacts. Please download for future reference.

Last Update: 02/13/2024
Policies and Requirements for Vendor Partners - Canada

This section contains important policies and requirements for our Vendor Partners in Canada.

Last Update: 02/13/2024
Product Compliance Overview - Canada

This page reviews information about the Policy Transportation and Storage of Dangerous Goods, the Environmental Policy and the Best Buy Canada Privacy Policy.

Last Update: 06/03/2021
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Best Buy Traditional Brick and Mortar Process - Canada

Best Buy Canada makes it easy for our customers to have a seamless in-store experience with your products.

Last Update: 06/21/2021
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eFulfillment Services Program - Canada

With the desire to expand into new categories, we are looking for Vendor Partners willing to maintain ownership of their product until point of sale. With our strong emphasis on the customer experience, we prefer to maintain control of the fulfillment of product to the customer, whilst keeping costs of such fulfillment at a minimum.

Last Update: 07/07/2021
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Product Certification Overview - Canada

Best Buy requires all consumer electronic products it purchases to pass nationally certified laboratory testing standards. This includes all such products intended for resale via its retail stores and internet web sites operating under the Best Buy brand.

Last Update: 01/18/2023
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