Brand & Display Standards

This page has news, upcoming training, and general how-to documentation specific to brand execution information, visual merchandising guidelines, and vendor provided parts and display guidelines relevant to partners doing business in Canada.

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Vendor Display Guidelines FY24-25 (Canada)

At Best Buy we strive to provide customers with an interactive driven experience. The Store Experience team ensures that displays follow specific guidelines based on category, store type, and fixture requirements. 

Last Update: 09/11/2023
Promo Signage Asset Guidelines

Promo Signage Asset Guidelines include file size, fonts and trademark logos, language, artwork, and packaged files.

Last Update: 11/17/2021
Vendor Visits - Canada

The health and safety of our Blue Shirts, Agents, Vendor Partners and customers is our number one priority. As we look to increase store accessibility, we want to provide clear instruction on how Vendor Partners and third-party visitors should conduct themselves and the guidelines put in place to protect you and their safety.

Last Update: 07/01/2022
Digital Assets Product Shot Guide - Canada

The following guidelines are for assets required by Best Buy for e-commerce, print, digital media and in-store advertising.

Last Update: 10/30/2019
Web Content
Best Buy Vendor Systems and Contacts - Canada

This document provides Canada vendor systems and contacts. Please download for future reference.

Last Update: 02/13/2024
Policies and Requirements for Vendor Partners - Canada

This section contains important policies and requirements for our Vendor Partners in Canada.

Last Update: 02/13/2024
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