This page has news, upcoming training, and general how-to documentation specific to EDI/E-Business for partners doing business in Canada. EDI facilitates the electronic exchange of business documents and information between partners and is an integral part of our supply chain.

News & Updates
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Best Buy Vendor Systems and Contacts - Canada

This document provides Canada vendor systems and contacts. Please download for future reference.

Last Update: 09/22/2023
Policies and Requirements for Vendor Partners - Canada

This section contains important policies and requirements for our Vendor Partners in Canada.

Last Update: 08/25/2023
Traditional EDI for Canada Partners

Traditional EDI Testing Instructions

Last Update: 10/19/2020
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Web-Enabled EDI for Canada Partners

To facilitate a fast and cost effective E-Business solution with our non-EDI capable vendors, we have teamed with Opentext (formerly Easylink) to develop Web-enabled EDI.

Last Update: 07/01/2022
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Best Buy Canada Ltd. Purchase Order Terms & Condition

Best Buy Canada Ltd. Purchase Order Terms & Condition

Last Update: 07/08/2021