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User Guide

Dock Scheduling TMS/JDA

Dock Commitments

View Dock Commitments
  1. Select the + sign next to Dock Schedule on the left side of the screen.
    This will open the Navigation Menu where you can select Dock Commitments:
  2. The List of Dock Commitments will be sorted in ascending order by Shipping Location ID, Shipping Location Type and Dock ID and then in descending sequence by Start Date/Time. You can check your appointment date/time by entering the assigned Load ID in the External ID search box then click the refresh icon next to the box or hit Enter:
  3. This will open the Dock Commitment Gantt Chart for the location selected. Deliveries scheduled by the carrier will show in Green, all others will be displayed in Grey:
  4. If you see a thin, orange line running through the docks this signifies that date is at maximum capacity and no more appointments will be added to that date:
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