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User Guide

Dock Scheduling TMS/JDA

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I be received today?

Reach out directly to the Distribution Center. They will be the best first point of contact to be able to answer your question. Specific emails are listed on the next page for each location.

Can you move my appointment up?

The Dock Scheduling application will allow you to request a date/time.

Will I be charged for on-time compliance if my appointment is scheduled beyond the ETA?

Reach out to the Ship It Right Vendor Compliance Team.

How do I give JDA access for someone else at my company?

Whoever needs access can submit a Carrier Portal Access Request Form on the Partner Portal.

Is Dock Scheduling is down?

Most of the time, error messages are caused by not clearing your browser history, cache & cookies. Please clear all history, reopen a new browser window and access JDA again.

If you are still encountering issues, contact the Scheduling Team.

What time is the cutoff for next day appointments?

Appointments must be processed prior to 2:00pm CST for next day appointments.

What if I arrive late?

You have 60 minutes to arrive and be received. If you arrive beyond this window, work directly with the Distribution Center for options.

Can I see available appointments at a specific building?

See the section "Dock Commitments" for instructions on how to view Dock Schedules.

How do I resolve a Firewall Block Error?

Use an incognito Chrome window to resolve this error.

How long are appointments visible in the JDA TMS scheduling portal after creation?

The portal will purge appointment history 90 days from the create date. When 90 days is reached, the appointment will no longer be visible or available to reschedule.

If you are attempting to reschedule an appointment and the created date is nearing the 90 days, please submit a new appointment request through Appt Management.

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