Traditional EDI for Canada Partners

Published 10/12/2018, 10:09 PM
Last Update 10/19/2020, 03:31 PM

If you are currently capable of transmitting documents via EDI through a Value Added Network (VAN) or AS2, please contact the Best Buy Canada E-Business Team.

Traditional EDI Testing Instructions:


Before testing begins, Vendors must be ready to:

  • Send an electronic Invoice (810)
  • Receive a Best Buy Canada PO (850)
  • Receive a Best Buy Canada PO Change (860)
  • Fill out and return an Trading Partner Information Form

When you are ready to begin traditional EDI testing please make sure that the previous requirements are met and contact the Canada E-Business Team.

Once testing begins, it should not last more than two weeks.

During testing, all documents must use a test indicator “T” in the ISA15 of the ISA segment, which will route the documents to our test environment.

Optional EDI Transactions:

  • Product Activity Data (EDI 852) and Inventory ( EDI 846) – may be done anytime during or after initial setup. We offer 852 and 846 as Optional EDI transactions if the vendor needs them. This is sent on a Daily (for VMI vendors only) and Weekly (regular vendors) basis.
  • The EDI 846 & 852 Agreement must be completed and returned to Best Buy Canada before enabling these.

Mapping Guides:



852 & 846: