null Web-Enabled EDI for Canada Partners

Web-Enabled EDI for Canada Partners

Published 10/12/2018, 10:26 PM
Last Update 07/01/2022, 04:16 PM

To facilitate a fast and cost effective E-Business solution with our non-EDI capable partners, we have teamed with Opentext (formerly Easylink) and SPS Commerce to provide Web-enabled EDI. By signing up with any of these companies, you will be able to electronically exchange the required documents using an Internet browser.

Best Buy understands that system capabilities vary with each of our vendors and, as a result, we are excited to offer an alternative designed for vendors who have not developed in-house electronic commerce solutions, such as EDI. Vendors will subscribe to this on-line service by registering with Opentext (formerly Easylink), our partner in this initiative.

Opentext (formerly Easylink) Registration Instructions - New Users

Opentext (formerly Easylink) directly bills Partners on a monthly basis and payment options will be offered as described in the Services Agreement. To begin using Opentext (formerly Easylink), follow these simple instructions.

  1. Read the Services Agreement linked below, and "Click Here" to Agree.
  2. Provide your company information such as address, contact name, email, etc.
  3. Select the transaction(s) you wish to trade (PO/ASN/INV and/or Routing Instructions).
  4. Select a payment type.
  5. Choose a username and password.
  6. Once your registration is complete, Opentext (formerly Easylink) will send a production notice to Best Buy to setup EDI.
  7. Once EDI setup complete at Best Buy Canada, a notification will be sent to Opentext (formerly Easylink) and the provided vendor contact.

To successfully register and login, the authorized Best Buy partner needs:

  • A valid account number (your Best Buy vendor number) and password; Any query with Vendor number, reach out to

Based on their registration, Partners will be able to electronically view and receive Best Buy POs and Sales/Inventory Information, as well as create transactions such as ASNs, Invoices, or Routing Instruction Requests when applicable.

Opentext (formerly Easylink) Registration
For any queries on Opentext (formerly Easylink) registration, please contact

Opentext (formerly Easylink) Instructions - Existing Users

If you have already registered on the Best Buy Wed-EDI application and would like to add another trading relationship or electronic document, log into your account and click on the Account Maintenance link found in Account Management.

Click on the button titled Add Relationship then select BBY CA EDI from the Purchaser dropdown menu then enter your Best Buy Canada 5 digit vendor number into the account number box.

If you have your GST registration number, please enter that number into the GST Registration number box.

Next, check the box for Purchase Order, Purchase Order Change and Invoice and click on the Update button to complete the setup.

Any customer support questions regarding the registration, please contact with your company name and 5 digit vendor number provided by Best Buy Canada.

SPS Commerce Registration for New Users

If you are a new web-enabled EDI user and would like to learn more about registering with SPS Commerce, please go to: (SPS Referrals) or (SPS Commerce Site).

  • You need to have Best Buy Canada vendor number for SPS registration; Any query with Vendor number, reach out to