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Collaborative Planning, Forecasting & Replenishment - US Merch


About CPFR

CPFR (Collaborative Planning, Forecasting, and Replenishment) focuses on improving partnerships between Best Buy and key vendors through joint business planning and forecasting of consumer demand. The CPFR reports provide visibility to data such as POS forecasts, receipts, inventory, and sales in order to enable more efficient and effective discussions. 

Reports are refreshed daily by approximately 8 AM CST. 

These CPFR reports reflect the metrics that are currently available. Additional metrics will be made available in the future. Data populated in these reports are for Core Best Buy SKUs only. Supplier Direct Fulfillment (SDF) SKUs will not be available in this report.

Report Availability

For Best Buy CPFR, a rolling 10 calendar days of vendor reports will be posted on Partner Portal. Reports outside of the 10 rolling calendar days will not be available. It is recommended that vendors save the Best Buy CPFR reports to reference later, if needed.

Note: CPFR data should not be compared to other data sources such as EDI, Business Performance Reports (BPR), and Vendor Funds. For additional information about this, please review the 'Explanation for Sales and Inventory Differences at Best Buy US' document on the Partner Portal.

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