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Vendor Identity

Access, Logging In and VSA Identification

How to Get Access

In order to gain access to the Partner Portal and other Best Buy managed applications such as Ship It Right (SIR) and Product Data Management (PDM), you must have a Vendor Identity account. Your company Vendor Security Admin (VSA) will need to invite you.

Once invited and registered, you will be given a Vendor ID (VID) and will automatically have access to log into the Partner Portal.

To gain access to other applications, see the section titled Users: Accounts and Access

Vendor Security Admin (VSA) Roles & Responsibilities

A Vendor Security Administrator (VSA) is the primary point of contact for Best Buy, and the gatekeeper for your company information and access to Best Buy applications. It is recommended that each organization have a minimum of two VSAs.

VSAs are responsible for:

  • Inviting other VSAs/Users within their organization(s)
  • Managing access to applications and actions within those applications
  • Completing a semi-annual user audit
  • Maintaining company information, including legal company name changes, correspondence and product return addresses
  • Sharing communications received by Best Buy to the appropriate contacts within their organization
Find Your VSA

To find your company Vendor Security Admin(s), or VSA(s):

  1. Login to Vendor Identity
  2. Expand the top left menu
  3. Select Manage Identity
  4. Click List of VSAs:

If you cannot access Vendor Identity or find your VSA, contact Partner Support.

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