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Ship It Right Program

Ship It Right focuses on the customer experience through accuracy of on-time and right-quantity shipments into Best Buy RDCs/DDCs.

Ship It Right measures inbound shipping at points where improvements can be made, based on supply chain points within the vendor's control. This means that Best Buy partners can directly impact performance whether through management of carriers (prepaid) or by having product ready upon carrier pickup (collect).

The Ship It Right program has the following key metrics:

  • Late/Early %
  • PO Modify %
  • Auto-Cancel %
  • Unscheduled PO Count
  • No Show Count

The program goal is to provide actionable information to vendors to help improve on-time and product availability, reducing customer disappointments.

A condition of accepting a Best Buy purchase order is to agree to the terms of the Ship It Right program. The terms of this program may be updated by Best Buy, from time-to-time, as posted here.

Ship It Right Reports

Ship It Right Reports provide ongoing visibility to vendor performance by metric and class.

Reports are updated and posted to the Partner Portal each Tuesday by 5pm CST.

A rolling 9 weeks of vendor reports are posted to the Partner Portal.

The report posted in fiscal week 3 contains all details for Ship It Right deductions that occurred for the previous fiscal month.

It is recommended that vendors save the Ship It Right reports to reference later if needed.

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