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The Product Portal is a Best Buy tool that provides vendors with a single entry point for submitting both item and content data in an efficient and accurate manner.

  • The Product Portal is often referred to as PDM (Product Data Management), so you may notice the terms used interchangeably.

For Product Portal (PDM) related questions, please reach out to

Assorting Products at Best Buy

Once you and the Best Buy Category Lead/Buyer have discussed what products are being assorted, you will then need to submit item and content data into Product Data Management (PDM). Below is information on the full process for assorting products at Best Buy.

  1. Decide Assortment
    1. Vendor and Category Lead discuss new models and assortment
    2. Vendor sends key info to Category Lead (e.g. pricing, UPC, model, etc)
    3. Category Lead determines assortment and notifies the vendor what product(s) Best Buy will assort
  2. Create Product SKU
    1. Vendor submits in the Product Portal (PDM)
      • Vendor ensures correct category is selected & reviews the Global and Category Data Standards to ensure data they submit meets standards
      • Vendor submits all required item attributes for SKU creation
      • Vendor submits all required content attributes prior to dotcom live date
      • Vendor submits as many OPTIONAL attributes as possible to enhance product experience and ensure their product appears in as many dotcom experiences as possible
    2. Vendor informs Category Lead the item has been successfully submitted
    3. Best Buy creates & communicates SKU
      • After receiving the setup request & confirmation of successful PDM submission, SKU(s) will be communicated via email within 2 business days
    4. Vendor submits videos & 3D models
      • Vendor reviews Global data standards to ensure their video meets standards
      • Vendor uploads videos & 3D models in Box
      • Follow the Box User Guide for additional instructions and actions
  3. Finalize and Launch Product
    1. Best Buy executes Pre-Live QA; or Post-Live Audit
      • Pre-Live QA: ~Limited SKUs for business needs
      • Post-Live Audit: ~Remaining SKUs not completed Pre-Live QA
      • Best Buy provides feedback to vendors via email if the content does not adhere to Best Buy Data Standards
    2. PDP goes live
      • SKU goes live on the date determined by the Category Lead (Site Display Date)
  4. Update and Maintain Product Data
    1. Vendor makes updates in the Product Portal (PDM)
      • Vendor submits changes in PDM (e.g. cost changes, new copy, updated images, QA feedback changes)
      • Vendor contacts Category Lead directly for UPC update
Product Portal (PDM) Homepage Overview

Below is a walkthrough of the PDM homepage:

  1. GLN
    • Change GLNs here (if you have access to more than one)
  2. Download a category template
    • You can navigate the list of Best Buy categories by typing to narrow your search.
    • Choosing the correct category is critical to proper product setup. If you are not certain, please work with to confirm which category template to use.
  3. Access the Global and Category Data Standards
    • All data uploaded must adhere to Best Buy standards
  4. Upload your data file
    • Once you have finished entering information for your products in the category template, upload the file into PDM
  5. Upload assets for your data file
    • Upload assets such as product images and product documents in order to generate an Asset ID to paste into the category template
  6. Get feedback and errors for your products
    • Download existing product data and get error feedback for items
  7. Get SKU and site display data for your product
  8. By upload
    • View file and image upload history
  9. Contact Us
    • Use this feature when you are in need of assistance with Product Portal (PDM)



3rd Party Options for Submitting Data

Vendors have options on who can deliver their product data to Best Buy. You can determine if you will deliver data directly to Best Buy or contract with a 3rd Party Provider. A contract with a 3rd party provider will likely require a fee to provide all or partial product data in adherence to Best Buy Data Standards on your behalf.

  • Choosing to contract with a 3rd Party Provider to submit all or partial data is similar to other existing partnerships Best Buy has for syndicate content. Best Buy publishes an approved list of 3rd Party Providers and the details including the fee are determined between the vendor and the 3rd Party Provider.
  • Please reach out to a provider to sign up for their services and submit the 3rd Party Provider authorization form to to authorize the provider to submit on your behalf.

Below is more information on each of our approved 3rd Party Providers:

1WorldSync (formerly CNET)
Easily comply with Best Buy’s new PDM requirements by having 1WorldSync Content Solutions create, transform, validate, and deliver your content for you.

GfK Etilize
GfK can now create new product content and update existing content using the new Best Buy PDM (Product Data Management) Process. GfK Etilize can automatically feed a brand’s product data content to in bulk and assist in meeting Best Buy’s Item and Content quality standards.

Whether shopping in-store, on or click and collect, shoppers rely on item and product content to learn about products and to make smart purchasing decisions. In order to grow your sales and drive business growth on Best Buy, you need to take control of your item and product content to deliver exceptional product experiences.

Take control of your product content at Best Buy. With Core and Enhanced content, elevate the shopper experience.

If API is a viable option, please visit this link for more information and then contact to find out how to get started.

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