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Blanket Purchase Agreements

Blanket Purchase Agreements

Best Buy has added functionality for Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) changes initiated by a vendor in iSupplier, making the process for requesting these changes more streamlined and easier for both Best Buy and our Non-Merch/Goods Not For Resale (GNFR) vendor partners.

All Blanket Purchase Agreement change requests must be submitted through iSupplier. These requests should only include price and lead time changes. Any other change requests, including adding or removing items, should flow through your normal process. Communicate these end-of-life changes via GNFR vendor management.

Change requests will be reviewed and processed by the Best Buy team. Once an action has been taken by Best Buy, you can view the change within iSupplier.

To Submit a Change Request for Price or Lead Time

  1. Go to Agreements from Supplier Home:
  2. Click Go:

  3. Click on the Edit Agreement pencil icon:
  4. Click on the Edit Agreement pencil icon for the item you would like to update:
  5. Update Price and/or Lead Time:
  6. Click Save then Submit:


To Update an Item with Price Breaks

  1. Navigate to Item with price breaks (steps 1-3 above).
  2. To search for specific item number, click Search. In Add Another field, Add Item. Click Go to find item.
  3. Click on pencil next to item to begin your edit:
  4. Click on green plus sign to add price breaks. Enter Qty and Break Price. The Discount (%) will automatically calculate based on the Price:

  5. Click Apply and click Save. This will send a change request to Buyer for approval.
  6. This completes the update. If you experience any technical issues, contact the Buyer listed on the BPA.

To find additional iSupplier resources on the Partner Portal:

  • Search for iSupplier or iSupplier Training Documents


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