null Vendor Compliance Program (VCP) - Canada

Vendor Compliance Program (VCP) - Canada

Published 12/19/2018, 04:50 PM
Last Update 07/19/2022, 06:39 PM

Best Buy Canada Ltd. strives to offer the best products at the best prices. To meet this goal, we work with vendors to maximize supply chain efficiencies in order to minimize operational and, ultimately, product costs.

The Vendor Compliance Program (VCP) evaluates and benchmarks each vendor’s compliance performance based on shipment requirements outlined in the CA Domestic Inbound Shipping Policy Guide (Routing and Shipping Guide). All vendors are required to regularly monitor and address non-compliant shipments that occur at our distribution centres (DC).

VCP is an online tool available on the Canadian Vendor Portal. More information about the program is available in the CA Domestic Inbound Shipping Policy Guide (Routing and Shipping Guide).

New Partners

Sign up for VCP as soon as your organization is registered as a partner by our Vendor Services team. Key individuals will include all managers who are responsible for the logistics, transportation, operations, and/or warehousing of your products.

  1. To obtain a VCP login name and password, download the Best Buy Canada Vendor Portal Application form.
  2. Email your completed application to You should receive a VCP login name and password within 1-3 business days.
  3. Log into Best Buy Canada’s Vendor Portal. 

Existing Partners

If you wish to register additional users in your organization, follow the New Partner sign-up procedures described above. 

VCP Reports and Data

Vendor Compliance reports, available on the Canadian Vendor Portal, summarize each vendor’s performance and ranks multiple vendors. Carrier Rankings are also available each fiscal quarter.

Raw VCP data is available for vendors to monitor non-compliant shipments daily and customize reports.