null Vendor Claims Guidelines - Exhibit D - Canada

Vendor Claims Guidelines - Exhibit D - Canada

Published 12/13/2018, 04:20 PM
Last Update 06/03/2021, 04:56 PM

Section 1: Overview

This document is meant to serve as a guide on how to file a Dispute in the event you choose to dispute a deduction taken by Best Buy Canada Ltd.

Best Buy Canada will undertake all reasonable efforts to ensure that it takes only those bona fide deductions that it is permitted to take. For all deductions types, Vendor will issue and retain credits and will match those credits with Best Buy's Debit Note.

Any concerns or questions regarding this guide should be directed by email to


Section 2: General Dispute Process

In the event you disagree with any deduction taken by Best Buy Canada, the points below provide an overview of the dispute process:

  • Best Buy Canada requires all disputes to be filed on its web portal “AP Visibility” no later than 90 days of the cheque date.
  • Best Buy Canada will log, track, and investigate each dispute in a timely manner. Best Buy Canada has 90 days to review and resolve a disputed deduction.
  • Upon completion of the investigation of a dispute by Best Buy Canada, a response inclusive of any supporting documentation will be visible to the Vendor on “AP Visibility”. If a repayment is required to the Vendor, the amount determined to be due will be paid back directly on the next regularly scheduled payment.
  • All appeals of denied disputes must be submitted within 30 days of the reconciled date on AP Visibility.

Any disputes that do not follow the submission guidelines in this document or do not contain all required information requested on the dispute or Discrepancy Notice forms may be denied. Reason being, the information requested is crucial in our research and resolution of the dispute and any missing information prevents us from investigating thoroughly and furthermore preventing future occurrences.


Section 3: Returns to Vendor related Disputes

Prior to any dispute being filed for product discrepancies, or product returned being rejected, all Discrepancies or Rejected Merchandise must be reported to Best Buy Canada Ltd. within 72 hours of receiving the shipment from our Returns Center, using our Product Discrepancy Notice Form. Notifications must be sent by email to our Product Returns Center (PRC) Liaison (

  • Approved disputes must be submitted for reimbursement through AP Visibility. Based on the dispute reason, you must attach backup as applicable.


3.1: Missing Shipments

A Missing Shipment is defined as a case where Best Buy Canada has deducted for an entire return shipment but the Vendor does not have any record of receiving the shipment at all. Best Buy Canada will provide a proof of delivery upon request.


3.2: Over-Shipment Disputes

An Over-shipment is defined as an instance when the actual quantity of returned merchandise received by the Vendor is greater than the quantity on Best Buy Canada’s packing slip or deduction. Additional details are available on AP Visibility.


3.3: Short Shipments

A Short-Shipment is defined as an instance when the actual quantity of returned merchandise physically received by the Vendor is less than the quantity on Best Buy Canada’s packing slip or deduction.


3.4: Missing Accessories/Fees

Prior to any dispute being filed under this category, an authorized accessory price list must be in place and agreed upon by both the Vendor and the Best Buy Canada Product Manager. Disputes submitted without fully executed Appendix C will not be investigated.

A Missing Accessory dispute is defined as an instance where the Vendor claims the Product returned to them was missing a required accessory such as a cable, adaptor, owner's manual, remote control, or other similar items.

Missing Accessories include peripheral (or functional components) which are included with; and required to operate a Product. Examples include DSLR Lenses, multi-channel speakers (including sub-woofers), and telephone charging stations.

For the purpose of clarity; Best Buy Canada shall reimburse to a maximum of the price of missing accessory or peripheral device as listed on the required Appendix C.


3.5: Returns Pricing Discrepancies

An RTV pricing dispute is defined as an instance where the Vendor claims that the price on the Debit Note deducted for the return was different than the vendor’s current cost. Pricing disputes must be filed on line through the AP Visibility (Link) and do not require prior approval through RTV Liaison.


3.6: Rejected Defective Returns

A Rejected Defective RTV dispute is defined as an instance where Vendor has identified merchandise sent to them as non-compliant with the approved condition/time frame/non-vendor product and results in rejecting the Product(s) which are then picked-up by a Best Buy Canada carrier. Some examples: Empty Box, not Vendor product; unauthorized quantity sent; physical damage etc.

Vendor may be required to provide additional information relating to claims under this category including, but not limited to return authorizations and pictures. Claims for physical damage must be accompanied by pictures which clearly exhibit the damages to the Product and the BBYC Tag ID.

When submitting a dispute related to Best Buy Canada deductions associated with Rejected Defective Returns the following should be considered:

Upon receipt of the Product Discrepancy Notice Form, our Returns Center will validate your request for return and for those valid items it will issue an authorization number. This number must be used when either requesting an appointment to deliver the rejected merchandise or when preparing the merchandise for pickup by our Returns Centre. Any merchandise shipped back by Vendor not having a valid authorization number (and appointment) may be refused at our Returns Centre.

Vendors are required to provide at a minimum any tracking numbers, shipper, ship date with each dispute submitted.

In the event, Best Buy Canada requires a Proof of Delivery or order to substantiate receipt of returned merchandise at our Returns Center, it will request such proof directly from the Vendor at the time a dispute is filed. See POD guidelines in our Invoice/Shipping Discrepancies section below.

All authorized rejected product must be received by Best Buy Canada prior to a credit being issued. Best Buy Canada reserves the right to dispute rejected product upon receipt at its warehouses.


3.7: Rejected Factory Fresh/Overstock Returns for Entertainment Products

All of section 3.6 applies including the following:

In the event that rejected product being requested for return by Vendor has been mutually negotiated to be destroyed in field, the following conditions must be met prior to submitting a dispute:

  1. Vendor and Best Buy Canada Product Manager must negotiate and agree in writing on the value of the inventory and credit amount prior to the destruction of the merchandise. Any disputes submitted without this written agreement (email will suffice) will be denied.
  2. All disputes submitted must include the confirmation from Best Buy Canada Product Manager as well as a signed Certificate of Destruction. Any dispute not containing both these documents will be denied.


Section 4: Vendor’s Shipping/Invoice Related Disputes

  • Dispute must be submitted through AP Visibility
  • Documentation required is listed on the form, based on the dispute reason


When submitting a dispute related to Best Buy Canada deductions associated with Vendor Shipping and Invoices, the following should be considered:

4.1: Shipping or Unit Discrepancies (IUD)

Best Buy Canada's Distribution Center will do a detailed check on all incoming shipments from Vendor. All shipments unless otherwise stated will be subject to inspection by Best Buy Canada personnel. Upon inspection, the Vendor will be notified of any discrepancies (concealed or otherwise). Subsequently, Best Buy Canada will pay the related Vendor invoice in full and simultaneously deduct from payment the value of the shortage or Shipping Discrepancy.


4.2: Pricing Discrepancies (IPD)

All Purchase Orders should be verified by Vendor to have accurate prices prior to the merchandise being shipped. In the event there is a discrepancy between the Vendor invoice and the Best Buy Canada purchase order, the prices on the purchase order shall be taken as correct except for in-transit goods that have been recently price protected where Best Buy Canada would pay the new lower price. Subsequently, Best Buy Canada will pay the related Vendor invoice in full and simultaneously deduct from payment the value of the Price Discrepancy.


4.3 - Discount Off Invoice (ITD)

Any "Off-Invoice" discounts negotiated between Best Buy Canada and the Vendor will be deducted from Vendor remittance on the allowable date and applied to the Invoice Total.


4.4 - Unpaid Invoice due to Missing or Lost Shipment (POD)

In the event Best Buy Canada does not show a receipt of merchandise relating to a Vendor Invoice (i.e. Missing Shipment), it will request a Proof of Delivery ("POD"). Upon receipt of the request, Vendor must submit a dispute for non-payment of invoice and provide the valid POD. Any costs associated with obtaining the POD shall be the responsibility of the Vendor.


All PODs must contain at least the following information:

  1. Date of Shipment
  2. Valid cross-referencing (i.e. to a Best Buy Canada purchase order number, Vendor invoice number, etc.) which substantiates whether the POD relates to the dispute in question. Furthermore, the cross referencing must have shown to have been present on the original shipper's Bill of Lading or Manifest at the time of shipment to Best Buy Canada. Information subsequently added such as hand-written tracking numbers, reference numbers, or Vendor system "screen shots", will not be accepted. Only the original information on the shipping manifest at the point of shipment will be taken into consideration.
  3. Full Delivery Address
  4. Printed Name and clear signature of receiver
  5. Number of skids, cartons, pieces said to be shipped.


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