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Packing Slips

Published 08/09/2021, 04:27 PM
Last Update 08/09/2021, 07:33 PM

Packing Slip definition: Per individual shipping carton (box), it is an accurate and itemized list of goods, prepared by the shipper and used as a checklist for the purpose of tallying delivered goods at the item level.

Packing slip in the individual shipping carton (box) must include:

  • Ship From information
  • Ship To information
  • Best Buy Purchase Order (6-character alpha PO)
  • Best Buy SKU number(s) o Product UPC(s)
  • Product model number or description
  • Product unit quantities

For multiple carton shipments, a copy of the packing list should be included with each carton and/or the shipping label must identify the number of cartons associated with the purchase order.

Note: Before shipping product to Best Buy, PO must be created in Best Buy system. This enables seamless and more accurate receiving.