Third-Party Approved Providers, Activities and Contacts

Published 10/12/2018, 03:41 PM
Last Update 05/08/2024, 04:57 PM

To better manage and enhance the customer experience, Best Buy has established a list of approved companies to provide all third-party labor in our stores. Any Third-Party Labor Provider conducting work within Best Buy stores must be a Best Buy Approved Third-Party Provider.

Benefits for Our Customers

We believe this approach provides a range of customer benefits. The benefits include more consistent and higher quality performance by third-party employees (aka representatives). These third-party representatives interact directly with our customers and Blue Shirts and provide services that indirectly meet customer needs. Best Buy’s increased involvement in and awareness of third-party labor will also help ensure that our customers’ needs are consistently met and that customers encounter a more consistent in-store experience at any Best Buy location. Third-Party Labor Providers have product knowledge through merchandising capabilities, and additional Best Buy training allowing them to assist customers and Blue Shirts within our locations.

Benefits for Our Vendor Partners

The approved companies each meet Best Buy’s requirements in a number of categories, including the range and scope of their services, their data reporting capabilities, and more. Just as we believe our involvement ensures that customer’s needs are met, we also believe that our involvement ensures that our vendor partners’ needs are met. We hold our approved providers accountable to a high level of customer experience standards, high- level quality of labor, competitive project pricing and – in general – more focused, fast, and flexible service. Finally, the strong partnership between vendor, Best Buy and the third-party helps drive improved execution of all stakeholders’ initiatives in our stores resulting in a great experience for our customers.

Best Buy is committed to providing the right assortment of Third-Party Labor providers as approved to work in our stores. If you feel the current providers are not meeting your needs please contact the Best Buy Vendor Programs Team.

Full List of Approved Providers and Activity Definitions

Tier 1 Approved Provider Contacts*:

*Not all providers have Tier 1 approval for all activities. Please see the Full List of Approved Providers and Activity Definitions for details.