null iSupplier Training Documents

iSupplier Training Documents

Published 10/11/2018, 03:12 PM
Last Update 05/09/2022, 06:57 PM

iSupplier is a secure web portal used by Non-Merchandising Suppliers to view order and invoice status information and to submit invoices against purchase orders that have been issued to their company. If your company has been enabled on Best Buy’s iSupplier portal, your internal users would have been issued log in credentials.

Link: iSupplier App

Oracle iSupplier Training Series

Video Video Name Run Time Link
1 Module 1: iSupplier Overview 7:24
2 Module 2: iProcurement POs 10:02
3A Module 3: Invoicing & Payments Part A 8:46
3B Module 3: Invoicing & Payments Part B 9:27
4 Module 4: iSupplier Administrator 5:31


iSupplier for Item POs

Best Buy has transitioned its Supplier Portal ePartner to Oracle iSupplier for Item POs. Please see Item PO section of iSupplier user guide for SOPs.

iSupplier Training Materials: