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Best Buy is focused on creating learning solutions that are accessible to all employees; enabling people to learn what they want, how they want and when they want. This is all made possible through the way we create and curate content for our learners. As a merchandising partner, you play a large role in delivering on this experience.

We are on a journey in making adjustments to our training packages and creating new offerings for vendors when it comes to learning solutions. In order to achieve this and make an impact we must:

  • Improve engagement with vendor content by integrating BBY and vendor learning strategies
  • Build strategies that enable the best learner experience while benefiting our vendor partnerships
  • Move away from selling space to selling experiences
  • Focus on quality of content and targeted experiences

This guide will walk current merchandising partners through the Learning Network, how to register your company and add users, as well as job aids for curating learning content.

Enabling a Better Learning Experience

What employees are telling us doesn't work today:

  • Power point style e-learnings
  • Long videos draining capacity and mindshare
  • E-Learnings containing multiple focuses or contain long seat times
  • Heavy speeds and feeds content
  • Marketing style videos/e-learnings
  • PDFs focused on communication vs. training
  • PDFs containing content that is hard to consume/retain

Vendor Content Guidelines - Details Matter

Content requires 5 business days to post

All content that is submitted will go through a 2-Step Review Process

  1. Technology Review (by Vendor) - to verify material is in the correct format and functions
  2. Sales Enablement - verify content meets above content guidelines

Vendors may NOT do any of the following in any piece of content provided to us:

  1. Mention another vendor
  2. Vendor A vs. Vendor B comparisons
  3. SKU/Product from Vendor A vs. SKU/Product from Vendor B
  4. Compare technologies either directly or indirectly
  5. No self-proclamations such as: "World's best...", "Best in the Industry..."

Language on technology MUST be clear, detailed and validated

Thoroughly reviewed and tested

  1. eLearning modules should adhere to SCORM 1.2 and ADL industry standards.
  2. Videos should use compression that brings it under 20MB and use the H264 codec (.mp4 output) to ensure the best experience in stores.

ADA compliant

  • All videos, whether standalone or embedded into an eLearning module, are required to be closed captioned. Additionally, if your eLearning has any spoken dialogue outside of videos, it is also required to be captioned.
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