null Vendor and Provider COVID-19 Requirements

Vendor and Provider COVID-19 Requirements

Published 10/12/2018, 04:25 PM
Last Update 08/14/2020, 02:18 PM

2nd and 3rd Party Labor In-Store Guidelines and Trainings

In order to prepare our stores for operating under the COVID-19 pandemic, Best Buy has aligned our safety procedures to include support for vendors and providers. We are providing our 2nd and 3rd Party Labor In-Store Guidelines for reference.

2nd and 3rd Party Labor In-Store Guidelines

The Best Buy Learning Network Vendor Hub has new functionality to extend trainings to our Second and Third Party Labor Partners. These three trainings will make sure that everyone supporting Best Buy stores has the same expectations for keeping themselves and everyone around them safe:

  • COVID-19 Safety Training
  • The Curbside and In-Store Consultations Operating Model
  • In-Store Consultations – Sales

Vendors can access these trainings via with their Vendor ID (V-ID). If anyone visiting a Best Buy store does not have a V-ID, please work with your VSA to get one generated so they can be added to the network.

Learning Network Vendor Hub Access Request Process


Vendor Hub Job Aid


After your whole team has passed all three courses (and yes, there are quizzes at the end), the next step will be to confirm with your Best Buy contacts that your teams will be able to meet the guidelines at all times. After that, we will coordinate with you about a re-entry date. Please do not send your teams into our stores yet. We want to make sure store teams receive communication from us and are ready for the additional support that your teams will be providing.

Health Screening

Anyone visiting Best Buy will be required to complete a health screening, which can be completed up to 3 hours prior to the visit on a mobile device at:

If you pass the screening, you will receive a green check mark on your mobile device that can be shown to the Best Buy leader upon your arrival.

Additionally, we are providing our Health Screening Questions that are referenced throughout the trainings and guidelines here:

Health Screening Questions


If you have questions about these trainings or the information found here, click "Need help with this page" in the top right corner.