null Vendor Performance and Operation Standards - Best Buy Exclusive Brands

Vendor Performance and Operation Standards - Best Buy Exclusive Brands

Published 12/12/2018, 08:23 PM
Last Update 10/07/2020, 06:34 PM

These sections outline the Policies and Procedures referenced in our Exclusive Brands Manufacturing Agreement. These guidelines standardize the way we conduct business, as partners, with our Exclusive Brands vendor community.

E-Business and EDI

Important: You may contact the EDI team before you receive a Best Buy vendor number to receive guidance if you have not implemented EDI in the past. The actual partnership can only be setup in our systems once the Best Buy vendor number is created.

EDI Summary: To ensure a seamless transition into EDI for our Best Buy China Limited partners, Best Buy has teamed with SPS Commerce, to provide a web-based solution. Once the EDI Team refers your company to SPS Commerce, an advisor will contact you directly for onboarding. This solution meets our E-Business requirements, which are included as part of the Master Agreement (MA). You can reach the SPS Commerce site by selecting this link to sign in.


Finance and Accounting


Supply Chain and Logistics

To interface with Best Buy Logistics and Best Buy Transportation, refer to the Direct Import Routing & Shipping Guide linked below, which details Best Buy’s requirements for shipments from our Partners. When a PO is accepted, the requirements of the following Inbound Shipping Guide are also accepted.


Best Buy Standard Terms and Vendor Insurance Standards

Best Buy Standard Terms and Vendor Insurance Standards apply to all vendors selling goods for resale to Best Buy. Acceptance of a purchase order from Best Buy constitutes your acceptance of these terms. The Standard Terms and Vendor Insurance Standards are Best Buy Confidential Information and for this reason, you will need your vendor login and password to access them.


Product Specific Policies and Requirements

  • California Proposition 65
  • Environmental Compliance - These laws must be followed in order for your brand to be sold at Best Buy. Click here to review a summary of these requirements.
  • Please refer to the ERCC website for a full list of e-waste regulations and deadlines. 


Best Buy Partner Policies and Standards


Corporate Sponsorships, Donations and In-Store Promotions