US GNFR Routing, Shipping and Labeling Guide

Published 09/28/2018, 05:41 PM
Last Update 04/28/2023, 07:07 PM

To interface with Best Buy Logistics and Best Buy Transportation, refer to this Non-Merch/GNFR Routing, Shipping and Labeling Guide, which details Best Buy’s requirements for shipments from our Partners. When a PO is accepted, the requirements of the following Inbound Shipping Guide is also accepted.

Updates are made periodically to these guides; be sure to regularly check the Partner Portal to verify updates.

GNFR Routing, Shipping and Labeling Guide

When shipping non-merch/GNFR items to Best Buy stores, partners must apply the appropriate shipping label to all boxes:

Project Shipping Labels

If the GNFR shipment is moving to Best Buy Puerto Rico via ocean freight, a copy of the Commercial Invoice must be sent to for processing the Hacienda/SURI tax release:

Commerical Invoice

C.H. Robinson's Navisphere™

If you are new to working with Best Buy and ship freight via FTL or LTL, you will need access to C.H. Robinson’s online system Navisphere™ to schedule pickups. Please reach out to C.H. Robinson at or via phone at (480) 239-6109 to get access to the system.

After your response has been received, CH Robinson will send via email a welcome letter to schedule a training session for using Navisphere™ and provide a user guide. This training is also available here:

Navisphere Vendor Shipping Guide

Navisphere Vendor Shipping Guide Training Video

If you have any questions about Navisphere, contact or