null US Customer Returns - Return Authorization Guide

US Customer Returns - Return Authorization Guide

Published 10/10/2018, 09:41 PM
Last Update 04/13/2021, 08:39 PM

PRC Guidelines (Product Return Centers) - Customer Returns

PRC Freight

  • If responsible for freight, please fill out information found on the Partner Portal.
  • If information is not submitted there will be a $1,000 deduction per month.
  • Shipments may be returned to you utilizing Best Buy carriers and a shipping charge applied.

PRC Return Rejections


Eligibility for returns rejection is based on Vendor Program Agreements (VPA), please see your individual VPA to review what is eligible to be rejected to Best Buy for credit. Items rejected outside of the VPA are not eligible and you will be charged for shipping or disposition.

Items that were returned to you but that are not your product are always eligible for return.

The process below must be completed for proper processing and proper credit to be issued.

Standard Return Rejection Process

  1. Identify items by yellow, white, or orange labels & identify the quantity that needs to be rejected:
       a. BL - Best Buy shipment number, located at the top of the item sticker
       b. SKU - Best Buy Product Identifier
       c. Reason for Rejection - Damaged, Out of Warranty, etc.

  2. Send an email to notifying us that you have product to reject wit the reasons why:
       a. List of Itmes/BLs/Reasons
       b. Product can only be rejected within 90 days of shipment receipt
  3. Rejection Return Instructions will be sent with 48 hours
       a. Print the DR Return Slip
       b. Fill out all fields
       c. Return with shipment
       d. Return shipments to the appropriate facility (Shepherdsville or Chino). Return shipments sent to the wrong Return Center will not be given credit and may be charged for additional shipping.

Contact either of these email groups to arrange pickup of rejected product (based on where shipment originated from):

PRC Rejection Reasons

Reasons for return on product refusals.

Eligibility for returns rejection is based on Vendor Program Agreements (VPA); please see your individual VPA to review what is eligible to be rejected to Best Buy for credit.

  • Damaged Item
    • Unit is physically damaged
  • Empty Box
    • Unit was missing from retail box
  • Incomplete Unit, Missing Accessories
    • Unit is missing accessories or parts that are required by the program
  • Out of Warranty
    • Unit is outside of returns period
  • Shipped to Wrong Vendor
    • Product that does not belong to you is returned
  • Tampered / Customer Fraud
    • The customer has altered the unit
  • Unauthorized Return
    • Product was not authorized for return (incorrect RA, SKU's that are not eligible for return)
  • Wrong Model Sent
    • Unit in the box is not what the package indicates

Accounting Disputes on Returns

Please contact the Supplier Inquiry Team to dispute any returns shortages/overages.

Address Changes

Vendor Security Admins ("VSAs") must update addresses directly via the Partner Portal. If you are unsure of your company's VSA, or you need to create a VSA, please contact Partner Support.

To update your Company information in the Partner Portal:

  1. VSA selects My Company under the Profile menu.
  2. Follow the pages and various prompts to update your company information.
    1. A guide on navigating and updating My Company can be found here:

Note - Within My Company, you are also able to do the following:

  • Correspondence Address
  • Returns Address
  • Return Freight Carrier Information

It is the Vendor’s responsibility to make sure we have accurate address, Return Freight Carrier Information and Vendor contacts in our systems. Incorrect or incomplete address information will result in you being responsible for shipment resolution, shipping to the correct location or return to sender charges.

Contact the following teams with questions on return address changes:

 Explanation  E-Mail  Function
 PRC Returns Authorizations  Return Authorization Coordinator
 PRC Corporate Support

 Questions on overall program