SKU Setup Policy and Guidelines - Canada

Published 12/12/2018, 08:23 PM
Last Update 07/01/2022, 04:18 PM

Much of our success derives from the strong relationship and support of our suppliers. The SKU setup processes are the necessary first steps that allow us to receive and sell product. All information pertaining to each item is captured at a single point before we are able to purchase anything for the first time.

Part I - Images / FTP


Part II - SKU Setup Sheet


Part III - Product Compliance



SKU Setup Policy

It is essential that we accurately receive all the information required regarding your product at this initial stage. The information we require will affect our:

  • Feature tags and signage in the store
  • Competitive product information on our web site
  • Effective advertising in our flyers
  • Product dimensions for shelf space planning
  • Returns, warranty directions, and limitations
  • Many other customer-facing touchpoints
  • Reporting to, and complying with government-regulated programs

Recently, we have been experiencing issues with the information that we have been receiving which are mainly related to:

  • Website Content
  • UPC
  • Providing Images
  • Case Pack
  • SKU Descriptions
  • Warranty Information
  • Brand Logo Specs
  • Product packaging materials information
  • (Lithium) Battery Info and Documentation

To ensure we are receiving all information required to treat your product properly throughout its lifecycle, more time and resources may need to be allocated to this process at both ends of the information gathering process.

Our SKU setup forms must be completed in full and all images and content information must be supplied before the new SKU can be listed. It is very important to use the most recent SKU Setup forms. The SKU Setup Policy detailed above lists all information required for every product listed. The policy provides background information on key components such as UPC, Warranty information and website content.

Thank you for your efforts in making this process as efficient as possible. If you have any questions, please contact us.