Retail Facilities

Published 10/11/2018, 05:10 PM
Last Update 05/17/2024, 04:47 PM

The Retail Facilities Department is responsible for repair and maintenance of Best Buy buildings and grounds (excluding CAM locations) commencing the first day the facility is open for business and continuing through the expiration of the lease or until the property is sold.

Properties include Best Buy Retail Stores, District Distribution Centers (DDCs), Reverse Logistics Centers/Product Return Centers (RLC/PRC), Service Centers, Regional and District Offices, Sublet and Co-tenant Properties, as well as Best Buy Mobile, and Magnolia locations (total of over 1000 locations).

Repairs and Maintenance (RFM)

Updated 5/17/24

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Energy Management System (EMS) - Lighting/Heating/Cooling

For EMS calls: Login into ETK and submit a Facility Repair request through the Facility Repair Request Link (ETK> Quick Access Links> Leadership> Facilities Repair Request)

For all requests when the site cannot be accessed, or for after hours emergency requests, please call the Best Buy Facilities Support Center, 24/7, 1-866-236-5359.