Proof of Delivery Expectations

Published 04/24/2023, 08:40 PM
Last Update 04/26/2023, 03:08 PM

Proof of Delivery (POD) documents include BOLs and DRs that are signed and stamped at the receiving warehouse.

The warehouse will either provide the driver with this signed copy at the end of their appointment, or put these documents inside of the empty trailer before sealing and dispatching it.

It is the carrier's responsibility to obtain the POD documents from their drivers upon their return to the local terminal. Reaching out to Best Buy should be the last resort for a missing POD because the driver was not in possession of the document.

In cases of shortage, damage or suspected pilferage, please do not reach out directly to the warehouse. These requests should first go to the vendor to work with their category business partner within Best Buy to determine if the shipment was shipped short, or if the Purchase Order was modified by the Best Buy category/business team.

If the vendor confirms that the shipment was shipped in full, please send the POD Research Request to so we can investigate with the location.

  • These requests will take a minimum of 2 business days. Best Buy may deny the request if there is a large quantity of PODs requested as this requires many resources to track down the documents. Ultimately, it is the carrier's responsibility to retain PODs given to their drivers.