New Customer Fulfillment Centres open in 2 Locations (Canada)

Published 04/01/2023

As a part of the market-based approach in our long-term strategy, we are optimizing and localizing our store and fulfillment network. We're thrilled to announce the official opening of our first customer fulfillment centres (CFCs) located in Edmonton, Alberta and Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.

CFCs will help us to reduce shipping time, distance traveled, and cost, fulfilling our digital retail demand by getting products from the closest location to our customers. Our new CFCs have 15,000 square feet of warehouse space which enabled these stores to operate as fulfillment centres for their whole market.

Our assortment in these locations is made up of products that would traditionally be fulfilled through our third-party partners, such as baby products, smart home control, and office & gaming furniture.

Through this new store model, our fulfillment team will be able to help customers from a much wider area see their tech needs met, as well as enable our current customers to receive a wider assortment of products faster than ever before.

Want to learn how you can benefit from our store network? Connect with Chris Sallans during BestFest.

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