Our goals in action: Marketplace Quality Control Program

Published 09/21/2020

Historically, it has been a challenge to ensure that refurbished products sold by Marketplace sellers will meet customer’s expectations every time. Staying true to our goal of having the best customer experience and the best system and processes, the Marketplace team enlisted the help of Geek Squad City to create the Marketplace Quality Control Program to safeguard refurbished products.

The program involves Marketplace team members going undercover as mystery shoppers and ordering refurbished products from BestBuy.ca. Geek Squad City then receives the products and our Agents go through a 40-point checklist to determine whether the laptop, desktop or unlocked phone meets Best Buy’s 9/10+ quality standard.

After the inspection, Agents file a detailed report card. If there are flaws in the product, the Marketplace team will review the report card with the corresponding seller to ensure compliance with the refurbished product guidelines.

After more than 25 undercover missions, the Marketplace team is now able to better monitor sellers’ refurbishment processes. With the program in place, we’re now ensuring that high-quality refurbished products end up in the hands of our customers.

Shout out to the Marketplace team and Geek Squad City for their efforts in bringing the Marketplace Quality Control Program to life.

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