Responsible Sourcing Program Criteria

Published 04/01/2021, 03:00 PM
Last Update 07/01/2022, 05:59 PM

A finding is identified when a vendor’s policies or operations or those of their suppliers / sub-contractors do not meet the standards set forth in our Supplier Code of Conduct. A finding is categorized according to the severity of the finding.

The most serious findings represent egregious labor, ethical or environmental practices that pose a significant, immediate threat to the rights, safety or life of workers and must be addressed in order to do business with Best Buy. In the highly unlikely case that a vendor is unwilling or unable to close the most serious findings, the relationship may be terminated.

After we complete a responsible sourcing assessment, the vendor will be assigned a risk-level from very low to very high. The level of risk will determine the frequency of future assessments. Vendors can lower their risk rating by strengthening their labor, ethical and environmental policies and practices, joining industry associations focused on supply chain practices, or by being more transparent about their management of supply chain risks via public reporting.

We believe membership in leading industry associations that support member responsible sourcing efforts and enable collaboration across industries exemplifies a best practice. We also find that transparency via public reporting of supply chain policies, programs and results shows a high standard of commitment to due diligence and demonstrates a best practice.

Since 2011, Best Buy has been a member of the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA), a multi-industry coalition that supports member efforts to improve supply chain practices. Other members of the RBA include many of the world’s leading brands and manufacturers, and collectively, we work together to address common challenges encountered in the electronics supply chain. We encourage all Best Buy merchant vendors to join us at the RBA and become part of the industry effort to improve working conditions and environmental practices in electronics manufacturing. Please note, through RBA’s 2021 Membership Discount Program, we can make a referral in support of your membership in the Alliance.

Having a Supplier Code of Conduct or a set of policies related to labor, health & safety, ethics and the environment is essential and a foundational expectation. We require our vendors to have these in place. Companies that do not have these types of policies will be expected to develop, train and monitor adherence to these policies – and demonstrate to us that they’ve done so.

The Vendor SAQ is intended to assess the management systems, policies and procedures that are in place for vendors to monitor their suppliers' operations. As such, they should be completed by the responsible sourcing or social compliance team, if you have any question, please do not hesitate to reach out to the email listed below.

The Facility SAQ is intended to assess the working conditions at the factory or service location where products or services are being rendered for Best Buy. As such, they should be completed by the management team at that factory or facility.

We are happy to provide support to vendors who are participating in our Responsible Sourcing program. Please contact whenever you have questions or need some guidance.


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