Three more Best Buy facilities earn TRUE certification for zero waste

Published 04/27/2022


We’re proud to share that three supply chain facilities — two in California and one in Washington — have earned TRUE certification for zero waste. That means each building diverts more than 90% of its waste from landfills, getting us one step closer to making a positive, lasting impact on the planet.

These distribution centers are joining our Reverse Logistics Center in Chino, California, which was Best Buy’s first facility to receive TRUE certification last year, each with goals of supporting supply chain waste reduction.

TRUE (Total Resource Use and Efficiency) is a designation from Green Business Certification Inc., the organization behind the widely used LEED green building rating system. The TRUE program helps facilities define, pursue and achieve zero waste goals.

“Minimizing our environmental impact is an expectation of our customers and employees,” said Tim Dunn, Best Buy’s head of environmental sustainability. “TRUE Certification is employee driven and provides everyday opportunities to engage in making Best Buy an environmentally sustainable operation.”

This certification is part of our broader efforts to propel the circular economy forward, protecting the planet and creating a more sustainable world. As part of those efforts, our initiatives include working toward a companywide 85% waste-diversion goal, offering an e-waste recycling program and helping our customers reduce their environmental impact through offering sustainable products.

Teamwork turns to action

Dinuba, California

The Dinuba facility achieved this milestone under the leadership of Leticia Cervantes, a specialist in Workforce Management Systems, and Andrew Vela, Dinuba distribution manager, who rallied their team behind the importance of recycling in the workplace. The Dinuba team doubled the amount of recycling bins located in their breakrooms throughout the building, providing a simple way to make environmentally friendly decisions and diverting 96% of waste.

Tracy, California

At the Tracy facility, the introduction of the Green Team, a group of employee volunteers committed to leading the facility in sustainable waste initiatives, made a huge impact. The Green team at the facility, led by distribution manager Javier Espino, came together during shift meetings and strategized on how to create and accomplish new goals. This newly added approach helped the team divert 97% of its waste.

Seattle, Washington

Breaking old habits isn’t always easy, but the team in Seattle wanted to make a change within their community and the environment. Over the last year, distribution manager David Shultz led the facility’s transformation. He rallied the facility’s Green Team together behind their positivity and passion for the environment and as a result, diverted 95% of waste from landfills.

Waste reduction is an important facet of our environmental strategy, and we will continue to expand the program and look for ways we can reduce our waste across the company.

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