Warranty Service and Return Procedures Overview - Canada

Published 12/12/2018, 08:23 PM
Last Update 03/24/2022, 06:29 PM

The intent of this Warranty Service and Returns Procedures is to ensure that the customers are satisfied with their purchases. The provisions of these procedures demonstrate commitment from both of our companies to provide customers with a product that is defect-free and performs to the Customers' expectations.

RTV deduction dispute process - This new process will allow the Canada vendors to dispute RTV deductions through a detailed grid on AP Visibility, view the status of the dispute, review the grid that they submitted if needed, and receive detailed reporting of anything that was denied payback. Moving to this process with the Canada RTV deductions has created a consistent process for both the US and Canada from beginning to end for both the vendor and Best Buy. If you have questions regarding this new process, please email Return Disputes.