Best Buy LTL Intake Process

Published 06/09/2020, 06:45 PM
Last Update 11/04/2021, 04:29 PM

Best Buy LTL Intake Form and Process

As you complete the LTL Intake Form, refer back to this page for helpful information.

All information submitted should inform the LTL Support Team of relevant data associated with the intake.

Contact information does not have to be the person submitting the form, but it should be a person relevant to and aware of the issue.

Internal or External refers to whether the issue is being submitted by a Best Buy employee, or a Carrier/Vendor.  If you work for Best Buy, select internal, if not, select external.

The Urgency Assessment on page 3 of the form regarding Customer Impact, Days, and Volume is essential for issue prioritization. Multiple submissions overstating the urgency to LTL Support will be escalated to your manager.

LTL Intake Form 


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