null Technology Design Standards

Technology Design Standards

Published 01/06/2020, 09:35 PM
Last Update 11/04/2021, 05:24 PM

Displays in Best Buy should help provide a Best in Class experience for customers to learn and interact with new technology. To best achieve this goal, the Technology Design Lab should be included as early as possible in the process. We can provide insight and guidance to help ensure a well-functioning and effective display is deployed into stores. By including the Technology Design Lab into the process early on will help avoid costly delays, part swap outs, and development time.

This document provides in-depth information on display functionality standards. While this document is created to provide rules and standards to create vendor displays, it is difficult to include every possibility as technology changes. Please reach out to your Project Manager or the Technology Design Lab if you have any questions on process or standards.

This document is an updated version of the Technology Design Standards as of January 2020. Standards are subject to change at any time and are reviewed in six-month cycles.

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