null Supplier Invoicing Process and Requirements

Supplier Invoicing Process and Requirements

Published 10/11/2018, 02:35 PM
Last Update 01/23/2020, 08:47 PM

Standard Invoices are required for payment. If you are enabled in iSupplier and are submitting an invoice for an iProcurement PO, follow the instructions here to submit your invoice in iSupplier.

For timely and accurate processing, the invoice and its backup should be combined in one PDF file. Ensure that the PDF invoice contains the following information:

  • Supplier Name
  • Remittance Address
  • Billing or Accounts Receivable email address
  • Best Buy location being charged
  • Best Buy contact name or department
  • Invoice number
  • Invoice date
  • Purchase Order (PO) reference (if applicable)
  • Line item detail with individual charges
  • Tax (if applicable)
  • Freight (if applicable)
  • Invoice total amount

Required Information for Invoices

IMPORTANT NOTICE FOR ALL NON-MERCHANDISE SUPPLIERS: All required information listed below must be on your invoices to ensure timely and accurate processing.

Non-PO Invoices

  • The email address of the Best Buy business partner who procured the service or product must be on the invoice.

PO Invoice

  • The Best Buy PO number must be shown clearly at the top of the invoice.
  • The Best Buy PO line # for each description line must be shown on the invoice. This will reduce invoices being placed on hold for research, which can delay prompt payment.

Credit Memo

  • Invoice number or PO applicable to the credit memo must be shown clearly at the top of the credit memo.

Standard Invoice Submission

  • PO Reference: Submit PDF Invoice to 
  • No PO reference: submit PDF invoice to your business contact to review and approve, they will submit the invoice to Best Buy’s Accounts Payable department once approved

Best Buy will not pay from statements.