Changes to US Inbound Shipping Guides

Published 07/08/2024

Updates have been made to various sections (see below) within the US RDC and DDC Inbound Shipping Guides. Be sure to always reference the Partner Portal for these guides when delivering to Best Buy.

Updates include, but are not limited to:

  • DDC/RDC General Information: What is an ASN? 
  • DDC/RDC General Information: Packaging, Environmental and Recycling Attributes
    • Updated requirements for banding/strapping, OCC (Old Corrugated Containers) and EPS Expanded Polystyrene (Foam/Peanuts)
  • DDC/RDC Section 4: Receive-Ready Pallets/Bundles
    • Clarified fully encompassing verbiage by adding "including all 4 sides and top"
  • DDC/RDC Section 5: Receive-Ready Trailers
    • All standard trailer lengths are allowed but must not contain a pintle hook or anything that will obstruct dock locks from securing the trailer to the dock
  • DDC/RDC Section 6: Receive-Ready Documents
    • Bill of Lading to include pallet count in addition to carton count
  • DDC Section 1.3 
    • Furniture can follow the Major Appliance sections like Large Fitness vendors
  • DDC Section 3.1.1
    • Furniture must sustain a minimum like-UPC stack height of 9 feet without incurring product or carton damage
  • DDC Section 3.1.2
    • For TV sizes greater than or equal to 90 inches stacking is not allowed, and a custom sized (irregular) pallet is required for each
  • DDC Section 3.8.1
    • Box must be clearly marked with type of product, i.e. refrigerator, washer, range, etc.
  • DDC Section 4.2
    • Some product groups require an irregular pallet size which must match the footprint of the product and have spacing of at least 7.5 inches wide to accommodate a pallet jack fork

Note: List does not include all changes.

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