Non-Merch/Goods Not For Resale Supplier Diversity Reporting

Best Buy has announced a multi-year strategy to procure $1.2billion in products and services for Black, Indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC) and diverse businesses by 2025. The purpose of this goal is to create a stronger community of diverse suppliers within our Tier 1, Tier 1.5, and Tier 2 partner portfolio. This form should ONLY be used by current Best Buy Non-Merch/GNFR Suppliers.

Diversity Spend

These questions are for the time period 2/1/2021 through 7/31/2021.

Use this form to record your Tier 1.5 or Tier 2 spend as it relates to Best Buy.

Tier 1 = You are a diverse company that contracts with and are paid directly by Best Buy. A minimum of 51% ownership of your company is held by Black, LatinX, Asian, Indigenous, LGBT, Women, Veteran, Disabled persons.

Tier 1.5 = You are a non-diverse company. This is what your company pays to diverse suppliers that are directed or chosen by Best Buy.

Tier 2 = You are a non-diverse company. This is the amount your company pays to diverse suppliers who are used to ensure goods and services are provided to Best Buy. If diverse spend directly related to Best Buy is not available, provide the spend noted here. Tier 2 spend is the money your company pays to diverse suppliers that provide good/services to your company in proportion to the revenue your company receives from Best Buy, compared to your overall revenue. (Example: Your company pays $2,000 to diverse suppliers. Your total revenue is $10,000. Your revenue received from Best Buy is 10% of your overall revenue. Therefore, your diverse spend for Best Buy can be reported as 10% of $2,000 or $200.)

Historically Underutilized Business Zone (HubZone)
Minority Business Entity
Small Business Enterprise
Small Business Administration 8(a)
Small Disadvantaged Business Enterprise
Veteran Owned Business Enterprise
Service-disabled Veteran Owned Business Enterprise
Women Owned Business Enterprise
Disadvantaged Business Enterprise
Total should be 100%. If supplier falls under more than one category, choose the best option.
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