Brand & Display Standards

This page has news, upcoming training, and general how-to documentation specific to brand execution information, visual merchandising guidelines, and vendor provided parts and display guidelines relevant to non-merchandising (GNFR) partners doing business in the United States.

Scheduled Training & Events

There is no upcoming scheduled training for this area at this time.

News & Updates
Department Content
Partner Design Guidelines - Store Layout, Vendor Space, Messaging Hierarchy and Graphic Templates

The following design guidelines describe the different areas used by vendors and the rules regarding how those areas are messaged: store layout, vendor space, messaging hierarchy and graphic templates. These rules should always be followed to ensure consistency throughout the store.

Last Update: 09/18/2020
Packaging Files

Please see attached document for additional information on how to package an InDesign file.

Last Update: 09/11/2020
Technology Design Standards

Displays in Best Buy should help provide a Best in Class experience for customers to learn and interact with new technology. To best achieve this goal, the Technology Design Lab should be included as early as possible in the process.

Last Update: 08/13/2020
Best Buy Vendor Fixture Guidelines and Architectural Vendor Guidelines

This page contains the Best Buy Vendor Fixture Guidelines and the Architectural Vendor Guidelines.

Last Update: 08/13/2020
Web Content
Vendor Asset Requirements

Vendor Asset Requirements, including vendor-supplied files, vendor supplied images, and logo requirements.

Last Update: 04/22/2020
Visual Merchandising Manager (VMM) Vendor Requirements

The purpose of this guide is to provide our vendor partners with some key insight and basic requirements that Best Buy has related to all Vendor Provided displays/fixturing/parts & pieces going into our retail stores.

Last Update: 02/27/2020
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