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Right now, Best Buy's role as a consumer electronics retailer is rapidly shifting and we are striving to make the best decisions with two goals in mind: The first is to protect our customers, employees and their families. The second is to do the best we can to serve the millions of Americans who are looking to us for increasingly vital technology tools to stay connected, as well as household necessities.

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null Here’s How Curbside Pickup Works At Best Buy To Get Your Tech Essentials

Here’s How Curbside Pickup Works At Best Buy To Get Your Tech Essentials

Published 03/22/2020

Here’s How Curbside Pickup Works At Best Buy To Get Your Tech Essentials

Chris Havens - STAFF WRITER

We know our customers depend on Best Buy for the technology necessities valuable during this time when people need to stay home because of the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. That’s why we’re adapting to a new way of making our stores accessible while keeping things safe for our customers and employees: contactless curbside pickup.

As of Sunday, March 22, customers are no longer allowed inside Best Buy stores. Our employees, however, will bring products ordered on, through our app or over the phone, out to vehicles.

Our technology is essential to working, learning and eating at home. Large and small appliances for safe food storage and preparation, internet connectivity (routers, modems), and computers and laptops are in demand, especially as school districts shift to online learning from home.

Contactless Curbside Pickup

Here are three easy steps to make curbside pickup work for you.

  • Select Curbside Pickup: When you’re done shopping online or on the Best Buy app, select “Use Curbside Pickup” on the “Review and Place Your Order” screen. You’ll receive an email when your order is ready.
  • Get ready, get set: Your confirmation email will include instructions on where to park and how to let us know you’ve arrived. Make sure you have you photo ID and credit card you used for your order.
  • Drive up and get your stuff: Let us know when you arrive at the store, pop the trunk and wait for someone to deliver your order.

Learn more about Contactless Curbside Pickup here. Find your local store hours here.

For the full article, please access the Best Buy Corporate site.

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