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Merchandising Submissions

Our merchandising suppliers offer the products we sell in our stores and dotcom sites. These suppliers are essential in helping BBY enrich our customers' lives through technology. If you are interested in becoming one of our valued suppliers, please click the link below to create a profile. We look forward to reviewing your information and learning more about your business.

Please note, registering as a potential diverse business partner with Best Buy does not guarantee future business.

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Diverse Merchandising Suppliers Looking to Explore Potential Opportunities with Best Buy

At Best Buy, we are actively looking for more diverse merchandising suppliers in an effort to create meaningful partnerships, increase opportunities for growth and development for diverse businesses, and improve the economic well-being of our communities.

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Non-Merch Suppliers - Goods Not for Resale  (GNFR)



Non-Merchandising Supplier Submissions

While we are currently not accepting applications for partnerships, if you complete a short form, we will keep your contacts on file for future reference. If we have an interest in your organization, we will reach out to you.

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