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Additional TV Requirements

Published 10/02/2018, 11:50 PM
Last Update 07/01/2022, 08:16 PM

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8.1 TV Carton Reliability & Design

In-the-box protective framing should encompass all corners and edges of the product.

Product packaging and in-box protective framing:

  • Must not warp or loose packaging integrity in high humidity and/or in high-or-low temperature environments.
  • Must sustain a minimum like-UPC unit stack height of 6 units, without incurring product or carton damage.
  • Hand-access holes must exist on each of the two narrow side-panels, and they must maintain functional durability under repeated use.

To help facilitate ease of customer unboxing, carton design should include unboxing methodology on the carton’s exterior design. For more detail around design requirements, email your Best Buy Business Team contacts.

8.2 TV Carton Iconography

Best Buy is looking to drive consistent TV-specific icons across all vendors and models. For the most recent iconography standards, reach out to your Best Buy Business Team contacts.

Upon request, Best Buy standard icon assets can be provided. Ultimately, iconography must translate universally with customers and within Best Buy’s end-to-end supply chain.

Required “Stack Height Icon” use and application must be as follows:

  • Side Panels (Example on the left)
    • Icon must be horizontally centered
    • Icon size must be a minimum width of 64 mm
    • Icon size must not exceed 60% of panel width
  • Front and Back Panels (Example on the right)
    • Preferred placement is in the upper right-hand corner
    • Icon size must be identical to that of the side panels
    • The space between the icon and any edge must exceed 50% of the icon’s width

8.3 Approved TV Bundles

  • Approved TV Bundle guidelines are meant to help facilitate safe, consistent, and efficient product handling to and through Best Buy RDCs. The goals are to reduce safety risk, reduce damage, and increase efficiency in supply chain processing.
  • If palletizing TVs, it is recommended that TVs be bundled prior to palletization (see steps below). Aside from above benefits, application provides protection from elements so that the sellable unit is clean and presentable to customers.
  • Bundles must be built in full, consistent, and pre-defined layer quantities. To align on (BBY-ordered, Vendor-shipped) layer quantities, partner with BBY Demand Planning. Each layer should be built up to (but not exceeding) 48 inches in width.
  • Banding of TV Bundles is not permitted.

Step-by-Step Checklist – Bundling TVs

  1. Start with a multi-use plastic slip sheet underneath the bottom-layer for product protection and stability. Of note, Best Buy does not have slip sheet unloading equipment.
  2. Align like-UPC product together. Initially orient the default front-side of all TVs in the same direction.
  3. The two outermost units’ default front-side(s) must face inward towards the middle of the bundle. See graphic illustration below:
  4. Use corner/edge boards to increase vertical stacking strength, prevent damage to edges, and stabilize for transit and conveyance. Apply to all edges and corners, and extending the full height and length of the product.
  5. Use sufficient clear film/wrap to reduce load shifting during transport and limit product separation. Do not wrap individual or sub-sections of unit(s) unless it is necessary to prevent slippage of inner units.

8.4 TV Shipping Configuration & Orientation

If shipping via LTL, palletization is required. Floor-loaded TVs will be reviewed as a potential damage/claim.

When palletizing TVs, do not allow product to extend (overhang) beyond any of the pallet sides. To comply with this expectation, it may require that non-standard/larger pallets be utilized.

Do not ship TVs with parcel transportation or deliver TVs through the Courier Door.

Do not ship loose floor-loaded units. TVs must be in one of the following configurations:

  • Floor-loaded TV-Bundles
  • Palletized TV-Bundles
  • Palletized individual units

Do not ship a TV resting “Flat” on its side. TVs must ship in the upright orientation.

Do not ship in a “Plus” orientation. Do not ship inconsistent layer quantities.

Do not ship in a “Remainder” (unbundled or non-approved bundle) configuration.

TV-specific inbound trailer clearance requirements:

  • At least 8 inches of clearance must exist between the product and the top of the trailer.
  • The immediate orientation of trailer-loaded TVs must be compliant to special-handling icon/recommendations.