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Courier Door

Published 10/02/2018, 11:57 PM
Last Update 07/01/2022, 08:47 PM

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UPS Ground and FedEx Ground are the only carriers approved to delivery parcel product through the RDC Courier Door. All other carriers will be refused.

10.1 Delivery Method & Timing

Best Buy will not accept delivery via cargo vans, moving vans, cars, or pickup trucks.

Delivery driver is responsible for safely loading individual cartons onto rollers.

Palletized product delivery is not allowed through the Courier Door receiving event.

Technically, Courier Door delivery is a non-scheduled delivery event and therefore not scheduled through JDA Scheduling. Regardless, parcel carriers must arrive on-time to specified (AM) delivery timeslots or risk refusal.

Note: For additional requirements and Parcel labels, reference Section 3 "Parcel Labels".

10.2 Courier Door Restriction Criteria

Intended parcel shipments that do not fall within restriction criteria should be palletized and shipped via LTL capacity.

Regardless of individual carrier policy, adherence to Best Buy’s Courier Door Restrictions is the vendor’s responsibility.

To aid in calculating whether cartons exceed cubic volume criterion:

  • If product is measured in INCHES; 8 cubic feet = ( Length x Width x Height ) ÷ 1728
  • If product is measured in CENTIMETERS; 8 cubic feet = ( Length x Width x Height ) ÷ 28316.8466

   10.2.1 Restriction Criterion: Case Pack Quantity

As a reminder, Best Buy does not allow over-boxing of Master Pack cartons.

When the Case Pack Quantity (CPQ) = 1, the shipped Master Pack represents the sellable carton.

When shipped via parcel, the sellable-unit is unnecessarily subjected to the following and thus restricted:

  • Carton is sold to the end customer with the (inbound-to-BBY) carrier shipping label on the box.
  • Carton is exposed and unprotected from elements that prevents the box from being clean and presentable.
  • Carton is increasingly susceptible to product damage and pilferage.

   10.2.2 Restriction Criterion: Restricted Subclass List

The following products must not be shipped via parcel carrier.

This restrictive list was created to mitigate downstream negative outcomes such as concealed damage, receiving shortages, and poor tracking of individual units.