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Best Buy Receive Ready

Published 10/02/2018, 10:01 PM
Last Update 07/01/2022, 08:13 PM

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1.1 Concept

The Receive-Ready concept describes Best Buy’s supply chain requirements from the inbound receipt perspective. Framing up expectations from this point-of-view is intended to emphasize the importance of upstream consistency and accountability. Without predictability, waste and inefficiencies can (and do) cause significant delays, which can result in the collaborative inability to execute against the Best Buy merchant and inventory plan.

“Receive-Ready” represents

  • Standards – Best Buy’s expected level of quality.
  • Policies – Governing principles of doing business with Best Buy.
  • Compliance – Best Buy’s regulation of quality expectations.

The goal of Receive-Ready is to ensure safety, reduce damages, and increase process efficiencies.

Within the entirety of this document, if any of the stated expectations are not met shipment refusal is possible.

1.2 Receive-Ready Focus Areas

Receive-Ready is broken out into six focus areas. Each earlier focus area sets the foundation for any following section (or focus area) of the RDC Inbound Shipping Guide.

1.3 Additional Requirements

Content covered in the Receive-Ready Focus Area sections of this guide is regarded as the basic information. Depending on the category of product being shipped or the delivery channel into Best Buy, there could be special expectations to which vendors, suppliers, and transportation providers must adhere. Review the special expectations for the following: