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Collect Carrier Tender and Shipping

Published 09/28/2018, 09:06 PM
Last Update 07/01/2022, 08:01 PM

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9.1 Preferred Carrier Definition

A Best Buy Preferred Carrier is a carrier that has developed a strategic partnership with Best Buy that allows for continuous sustainability, extensive collaboration and the development of innovative solutions that benefit the shipper, the carrier and Best Buy.

9.2 General Information and Advantages of Preferred Carriers

  • Drop Agreement - Preferred carriers are allowed to drop trailers in Best Buy’s RDC yards. This allows the facilities to work trailers early based on their staffing and workload. It also allows the drivers to move to their next appointment and frees up capacity for carriers. Carriers are preferred, but not required to drop at all RDCs. An exception process is in place if the appointment needs to be live offloaded [Reference Section 7].
  • EDI Capable - Preferred carriers are required to be EDI capable.
  • Inbound Process and Operations - Preferred carriers work closely with Best Buy on operational performance and efficient inbound process, and often have a dedicated Best Buy Transportation single point of contact for inbound scheduling and Collect Carrier Performance management.
  • The list of Best Buy's Preferred Carriers is available on the Partner Portal.

9.3 EDI – Preferred Carrier Requirement

  • All Preferred Carriers are required to be EDI capable. EDI allows Best Buy and carrier systems to interact and eliminates the need for manual keying of information on both sides.
  • Specific carrier EDI requirements will be called out at time of carrier set-up and require a signed contract.
  • To reference the testing requirements and technical documents for US Carrier EDI, please go to the EDI Section for Carriers on the Partner Portal.
  • All testing must have direct Carrier involvement, no through a third party. Carriers should also work directly with Best Buy Scheduling on setting up business process for scheduling appointments using the EDI documents and receiving appointment confirmations.

9.4 Carrier Pick Up Requirements

  • Manage and adhere to Best Buy tender accept/pick-up appointments.
    • Carrier receives tender request via EDI204.
    • Carrier must accept request within 90 minutes via EDI990 (TL Only).
    • Carrier manages pick up of tender accepted load (by mode) according to the shipping instructions.
      • TL: Carrier must contact the vendor to arrange pick up details at least 24 hours prior to assigned pick-up date according to the shipping instructions.
      • LTL: Vendor will contact the respective less-than-truckload carrier’s local terminal to arrange pick up details at least 24 hours prior to assigned pick-up date.

9.5 Additional Information

  • Typically, Best Buy does not assign same-day pick-up appointments.
  • Carrier is responsible for managing the scheduled appointment through delivery [Reference Section 7].
  • Contact your Best Buy Load Planner with any other questions or concerns.