null Welcome to the Partner Portal - Search

Welcome to the Partner Portal - Search

Published 11/01/2018, 08:35 PM
Last Update 05/28/2020, 05:06 PM

The Search feature is one of the enhancements on our new Partner Portal that we are most excited about!

You can now search for terms, pages, documents, applications (such as PDM, JDA, or Ship It Right), training documentation, or policies and operating standards.

Every page on the new portal has a field in the upper right where you can execute a search.

Enter a key word(s) or phrase directly in the search field and either hit Enter or click the magnifying glass. Tip: Put "quotes" around your search term to narrow the search results.

The Search function returns all content types available on the site: articles (department content), applications, training/events and news/updates. It is possible to filter the search results by selecting (or multi-selecting) the faceted search Categories in the left panel: 

  • Geography (United States, Mexico, etc.)
  • Partner Type (Merchandising, Carrier, etc.)
  • Department (Supply Chain & Logistics, EDI, etc.)
  • Content Type (Department Content, Applications, etc.)

Below, the acronym JDA is entered in the Search field. The red arrows indicate where one can multi-select Categories to narrow the "JDA" search results.


In the example below, Application was selected under Content Type. Therefore, the search results only return relevant Applications. ​​


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