null Welcome to the Partner Portal - Navigation

Welcome to the Partner Portal - Navigation

Published 11/02/2018, 04:15 PM
Last Update 08/04/2020, 02:45 PM

This guide provides an overview on navigating your way through the Partner Portal.

The Partner Portal is organized under the following page levels:

  • Level 1 - Global Home
  • Level 2 - Geography (United States, Canada, Mexico, Exclusive Brands)
  • Level 3 - Partner Type (US Merchandising, US Non-Merchandising, US Carriers)
  • Level 4 - Department Pages (Brand and Display Standards, EDI, Finance and Accounting, etc.)

Level 1 - Global Home

The Global Home page is the primary home page and entry point into the Partner Portal. The information on this page applies to all Partner types, within all geographies, doing business with Best Buy.

Level 2 - Geography

From the Global Home, click in the blue bar near the top of the screen to select a specific Geography.

You can also scroll down on the Global Home page to access the same Geography links/buttons.

Note: When hovering over "United States" in the top blue bar, there is an option to bypass the United States landing page and directly select a specific Partner yype (Merch, Non-Merch and Carriers) or Department (Finance and Accounting, Retail Support, etc.)

Level 3 - Partner Type

The content on the United States page is organized into three Partner types: Merchandising, Non-Merchandising (Goods Not For Resale/"GNFR") and Carriers.

For information specifically on the Merchandising partner site, click here.

Level 4 - Department

Merchandising Partners will be prompted to log in before accessing any department pages on the US Merchandising page.

The Non-Merchandising (GNFR) page contains the following departments:

  • Brand and Display Standards (formerly Marketing)
  • Finance and Accounting (invoices, payment process, EFT, AP Visibility)
  • Retail Support (2nd and 3rd party labor, retail support for stores and on-call schedules for maintenance)
  • Supply Chain and Logistics
  • Running the Business (everything that doesn't fit into the other four Departments)

The Carriers page contains the following Departments:

  • Claims
  • EDI
  • Performance Reporting
  • Scheduling

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