MX Cross-Border Routing & Shipping Guide

Published 10/01/2018, 04:46 PM
Last Update 10/28/2019, 03:31 PM

Information Page

The scope of this Shipping Guide covers shipments of Best Buy orders from the U.S. to Mexico. Best Buy Imports Mexico requires vendors to carefully read and comply with this document.

Current Updates 

This current Best Buy Mexico Vendor Direct Import Shipping Guide was published on the Best Buy’s Mexico vendor extranet site on March 2018. Compliance with any new requirements stated in this guide is required immediately or as soon as reasonably practicable.

Future Updates

Updates to the guide occur annually and on an as needed basis in which a notification to vendors will be distributed. Failure to comply with changes/updates within 90 days will result in Logistics Compliance Program charge backs as set forth in the guide. Update Schedule: Published March 2018


It is expected that all shipments from all vendors to all Best Buy Mexico’s facilities will be in compliance with the requirements as set forth in this guide.


Full MX Cross-Border Routing & Shipping Guide is attached below.

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