null Magnolia Appointments

Magnolia Appointments

Published 10/11/2018, 08:40 PM
Last Update 11/04/2021, 04:18 PM

Instructions and Contacts for Magnolia Appointments

This section contains information for scheduling Magnolia appointments.

In the Magnolia Appointment Request, please include:

  • PO’s associated with each vendor
  • Carrier Name
  • Number of skids per PO or carton count
  • Contact information
  • Indicate if the load is co-loaded with Best Buy
  • Best Buy Schedule ID (If load contains both Magnolia and Best Buy deliveries)
  • Valid Magnolia Schedule Load, Schedule Date and Schedule Time is required before trailers are allowed to drop. This includes both Magnolia only and combined Best Buy/Magnolia deliveries.
  • Trailers with both Magnolia and Best Buy freight must have the product separated with the Magnolia freight on the tail of the trailer.